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Our Mission:

Wateraid Transforms lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation in the world poorest communities.

Convictions and guidelines

Driven by a strong desire to have a real impact on access to safe drinking water and sanitation for the world poorest communities,WaterAid is based on the following principles to expand his activities: Essential to life , drinking water and sanitation are human rights . Every human being should be able to benefit from these services close to where he lives. Water , sanitation and health education are crucial for reducing poverty. In addition to reducing the resulting morbidity and mortality, access to free time previously reserved for the collection of water or lost due to diseases contracted to pursue education or other activities that contribute to social and economic development. Priority should be given to the needs of the most vulnerable and marginalized groups , including women and children. Local people should be able to make informed decisions on the implementation of water and sanitation services that best meet their needs and , where the context so permits, participate in the construction and maintenance of their projects. In tune with the needs of the communities in which they operate , local organizations are better able to implement projects that ensure sustainable change, echoing the wishes expressed by the poorest. Local or national level , government authorities hold the ultimate responsibility for water and sanitation services and should as such be involved in decisions concerning the provision of services. All actors in the water sector , sanitation and health education must demonstrate a greater capacity to account for their actions as well as greater transparency to ensure the needs of the poorest. For drinking water and sanitation , the poorest must have access to reliable technical solutions , affordable and appropriate to their situation. All projects must provide long-term benefits . The sustainability of water resources , funding and skills necessary to maintain the service, and the provisions necessary to support new or existing projects are all essential to achieving this objective components. Sharing learning and innovative solutions is fundamental to the success of WaterAid and its partners . The dedication of WaterAid , one of the partner organizations and volunteers at the heart of its success. WaterAid should celebrate the diversity of its staff.

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